Sunday, May 30, 2010

Enjoying every moments...


left only 5 days..hmm..
inside i can feel that i'm the same time confused and emotionless.
Well maybe it is just becaoz im not at home rite i can't feel any excitement for it..

Maybe after i get home, i can feel it. Hopefully..'s been 3 days we haven't communicate...huhu..
at first i do concern..but now i'm oke..i know he has a lot of works to do..
and i should understand it...yes i do. If can we live together kan?

My nikah clothes are ready..made by Kak Sal (my sis's friend)..and manik2 made by Kak Eva (also my sis's friend). I can't wait to see it..huhu. Until i asked my sis in law to take a pic of it and send me tru mms.

What i haven' t done..

1. Fitting for my baju sanding
2. Decorate the wedding room
3. Decorate the house (wif family)
4. Wear Inai (jumaat mlm ler)
5. Apply for cuti..(should do it 2moro)
6. Haih..x tau laa apa lg nak blur..huhu

Now, my focus are only on the school's workloads..
marking..marking..and marking papers...and also preparing their homework on school holidays (must!!)

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