Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Hari nih aku rasa macam - macam yang ada dalam hati nih...
Maybe aku rasa aku a it emosional hari nih..
today i cry again...i really2 miss her company...
today genap 6 minggu my sis pergi meninggalkan kami..
still i can feel she's a part of me..part of my life..

I have something to talk..some advice...but now i really2 don't know to who should i tell..
today i've talked wif my boyfriend...or u can say, my future hubby...

Dulu..i don't think i will like him...not even close..
But maybe it is our fate..
he is such a wonderful guy..

he is far from my imagination of my 'right guy'..which are..
1. tall
2. nice to look at
3. at least same or higher edu from me
4. kind
5. nice
6. religious
7. respect elders
8. patient
9. talkative n funny
10. understandable

but he do have these which i can say he is the one...
1. religious (more than me)
2. nice to look at
3. respect elders and kids
4. hardworking and responsible
5. talkative n funny
6. understandable (very..)
7. listen to me..ehehhe
8. protector
9. and most of all...i like a uniform man..ehehe

And my sis approved us..she said that he will take care of me..and she also said that she can see that how much he loves me..which at that time i'm just not serious with him..yet..

nothing much to say...rather than i wanna say that i miss her and miss him..
and most of all..i do miss my family..
hmm..x saba nak balik umah...huhuhu...
saba arfah...hari rabu nih balik laa...huhu..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

belajar dlm KISSM psl satu topic yg actually sngt menarik minat aku...

Emotional Intelligence or also known as

"Describes the ability, capacity, skill or, in the case of the trait
EI model, a self-perceived ability, to identify, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups. " bahasa Melayunya pulak...apa ek..kemahiran, atau skill seseorang untuk mengenalpastu, mengawal serta mengakses emosinya atau orang lain ataupun sesuatu kumpulan.

Terdapat pelbagai jenis emosi yg ada dlm diri seseorang yg boleh kita zahirkan ke dalam bentuk literasi..yg d tunjuk dlm slide tadi..almost 2,000 emotions yg bleh ada dlm seseorang individu.

Apa n kenapa aku tulis psl EQ pada posting kali ini ek?...korang mest fikir kan?....
Well...hari nih EQ ada sikit masalah..ehehe...

Byk mende dlm hati aku nih...yg sepatutnya kene keluarkan...i shouldn't keep it inside...
Rite now, i don't have someone to tell about it..i just couldnt find someone that really will listen to me...respond to me...and advised me..just like my late sister.
To tell the truth..i do really really really miss her...really2 miss her company. At this time, i surely will coll her...and let go all my emotions. She is the only person that i can rely to. No one else can't be as same as her. Not even my future hubby..

Im a secretive if u really want to know. U will never see the real side of me..or u may call it hypocrite. But not in a bad way..maybe...I want to know as a happy, bubbly person...but inside i rather like to keep everything to myself. Nobody will never know what is trembling inside me...not even my mom, dad, him. Maybe i need to go to a let someone to listen to my other side of the future..

I know, maybe a bit crazy..ahaha...i let go all my problems to God, ALLAH SWT...only he can listen to me. I don't want to be anybody's burden..especially my family. Really2 hope that she was alive...

I don't want to accused any person..any person at all...but if it is true...i really wish that either she or he get punnished of what they really did. I really want to confront them..and asks them..what on earth did she do until she have to be punnished like that???!!

If it is not true..then maybe i just want to put a blame on others...maybe..WALLAHUALAM...

Hmm....its been about 36 days she left us..and it seems just like yesterday..

Kaklong...i wish for ur happiness...i will pray, baca Yassin slalu for u..although i can say that i only visits u less than 3 times..but it doesnt mean that i dont remember you...i do..and i always do..

and as my blog's name...i am lost in a big infinity universe....

now i'm trying to make my parents they always said to me..
" Mak ngan abah tinggal dua orang jer anak dah..mak nak nomi jaga diri baik2...ko dah ada anak nnt..tahulah rasanya mcm ner..." always makes me wanna cry..and be really2 want to get close to them..

Before..i don't give any d*** if i were posted in Sabah or Swak..but now..i wanna be close to them...please..let me get posted nearby..
i want to be with i appreciate my parents more..
if dulu2..slalu gaks laa bantah ckp mak..kadang2 tertinggi suara kat abah (darah muda)...
but now..i've learnt to control my temper..and speaks dearly to them...
I want to be a good daughter to them...

that's all...its already late..nak tdo dah..

nite all...opps..morning..ehehe...


Monday, November 9, 2009

huhu..x sihat...

skrg nih ada KISSM la plaks..(Kursus induksi Sistem Saraan Malaysia)...

until 25th of November....aaihh..
dah la sakit tekak n selsema...huhuhu..

Now everyday col rumah...ckp ngan mak..eheh..
rindu family..