Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Hari nih aku rasa macam - macam yang ada dalam hati nih...
Maybe aku rasa aku a it emosional hari nih..
today i cry again...i really2 miss her company...
today genap 6 minggu my sis pergi meninggalkan kami..
still i can feel she's a part of me..part of my life..

I have something to talk..some advice...but now i really2 don't know to who should i tell..
today i've talked wif my boyfriend...or u can say, my future hubby...

Dulu..i don't think i will like him...not even close..
But maybe it is our fate..
he is such a wonderful guy..

he is far from my imagination of my 'right guy'..which are..
1. tall
2. nice to look at
3. at least same or higher edu from me
4. kind
5. nice
6. religious
7. respect elders
8. patient
9. talkative n funny
10. understandable

but he do have these which i can say he is the one...
1. religious (more than me)
2. nice to look at
3. respect elders and kids
4. hardworking and responsible
5. talkative n funny
6. understandable (very..)
7. listen to me..ehehhe
8. protector
9. and most of all...i like a uniform man..ehehe

And my sis approved us..she said that he will take care of me..and she also said that she can see that how much he loves me..which at that time i'm just not serious with him..yet..

nothing much to say...rather than i wanna say that i miss her and miss him..
and most of all..i do miss my family..
hmm..x saba nak balik umah...huhuhu...
saba arfah...hari rabu nih balik laa...huhu..

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