Tuesday, December 23, 2008


2moro the result will appear...

pg td bkk forum...n then ada yg bg list kat IPTB (Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun, Penang)
aku g lah check..n shocks me when i see my name there...i get the kpli??..english laks tuh...well..that's what i'd interviewed b4 rite..huhu..

I may look happy coz i can get out of my job rite now which isnt that i dont like, but less interest. My interest is the PKTU actually...

About the PKTU, it really concerns me....there is a guy that know bout it. N i have never told him bout the PKTU...how on earth did he knows bout it?????
if u reading this....how do u know it is me??

Hmm...dont have any moods rite now..wish i can fly n going back home 2moro....whatever happens, im going back home 2moro after work.

I'm so sad rite now....im all alone..its all bout me n me only...

bubye all

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