Sunday, April 18, 2010

House to rent?...


I'm searching for a house to rent..opps..(me n my fiancee) r searching for 1 house...for us to settle down after getting married nnt. least the house should have mau yg bujang2 ni (neither men nor girls) x selesa laa ntt..ahaha..

I did call 1 house for rent..i asked my fiancee to take a look at that house. It's near the Pantai Batu 4, Port Dickson..means mesti akan panas slalu..sbb angin pantai malam2 leh lepak tepi pantai yer dak?

The house r being rent for now, but it will be empty by 1st of May coz the tenants r moving out (husband n wife) to kuarters..x pasti keje apa la plaks..:)So, the landlord told me yesterday that to look at the house first, n if we did agreed later on, we can take the keys on 1st May, but my fiancee would like to move in to the house on June. He said it would be too early to move in. Well..i don't mind.. would be nice to think about finally u will have your own cozy house..which u can decorate it yourself (limitedly laa..coz sewa jer kan?) But at least you will have your own kitchen, your own living room, your own everything la...ehehe.

I will make sure that that house will be as cozy as it can be...hopefully my hubby (now my fiancee) will take a really really good care of the house while i'm not around..
huhu..i'll be in Rengit..he's in PD...adeh..waste of money to just travel back to back..huhuhu..

Below..sumer My Dream...hopefully one day my dreams will come true( *pray hard)

my dream KITCHEN

my dream BEDROOM

my dream LIVING ROOM

(*pray hard)


Nadra Farissa said...

pray and work hard sayang.. nothing in life comes easy! :) I'll pray for your success and dimurahkan rezeki lagik with children to fill ur lives.. know that u have friends, family and hubby that loves u and support u during the hards times and will love you for who u r..

:: Mily :: said...

waa...terkejut nadra yg bg comments...ehehe..thanks fara :)
definitely akan work hard n pray hard..(*_*)