Friday, February 27, 2009

Me??...being tag??.. tau aku d tag ker???

awat ler hg x habaq kat aku ek?

1) Your name / username :: mily
2) Left handed or Right Handed :: righthanded
3) Favourite letter to write :: letter apakah nih??...emel jer leh?
4) Least favourite letter to write :: letter per nih..huhuhu...aku dah konpius
5) Do you think you are HOT? :: skrg dah cool..ahahaha
6) Upload your fav pic :: ada nih kat sekeliling nih..tgk ler..ehehe
7) Why do you like this picture? :: sbb aku nampak comey..n all of them are my precious
8) The last song u listen to? :: current leh? "BOA - i eat u up "
9) What are you doing right now besides this? :: br abis sukanragam @ sukaneka kpli..ehehe
10) Tag 6 people :: aler..aku br ada 2 org jer..tuh pon dah buat tag..mana mau carik maaa

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